Belec Vario Laboratory

The NEW Belec Vario Laboratory Spectrometer again sets a unique standard in terms of precision and flexibility as it has been continuously improved in order to fulfill today’s needs for metal analysis.

From small parts to large castings the NEW Vario has no limit on size or shape for analysis. The optional sparking probe allows analysis of over-sized forgings or castings to be easily tested without part destruction.


The  Belec Vario Model 2P is equipped with the traditional, highly sensitive Photo-multiplier detectors, whenever maximum accuracy of low level concentrations are required.

The Model 2C is equipped with the latest state of the art CCD detectors. Due to this flexible design it is recommended for any multi-based application.

We offer the following services with each instrument purchasepa050108_frei.
  • 3 days of onsite training
  • 1 day of additional training 30 days after installation
  • 24 hour service response call or 10% off next PM

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