Arc Metal Sorting Analyzer

Before there was Handheld XRF units Mobile OES units operating in Arc mode were the choice for quick sorting. Today Arc Mobile OES units are still utilized by primary metal producers such as steel mills, nickel alloys and titanium processors.

Arc for sorting

Mobile OES in Arc mode is an excellent tool for quickly sorting metals. Unlike Spark mode which flushes the probe with argon gas, Arc mode does not use argon gas to flush the probe. Instead it analyzes heavier elements such as Fe, Ti, Ni, Cu, Si, Mo, Mn and Cr along with other elements.

The main advantage to Arc mode is how quick it is to operate. Burn time is 3 seconds and operators do not need to prepare the surface with a grinder. 

If you’re looking for a new Arc sorting instrument for you organization contact us and we’ll show you the power of the Compact Port.

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