I Need Carbon Testing in the Field

316L full chemical analysis

316L full chemical analysis

Testing for Carbon in steel is a necessary practice for complying with AWS, ASTM and API 578 practices. Handheld XRF will give operators a ballpark idea of the material grade but it will not segregate 304, 304L, 304H, 316 or 316L because the instrument cannot see carbon.

To receive a carbon analysis and separate steel grades on carbon, organizations need Mobile OES. Mobile OES for carbon analysis operates in Spark Mode. Spark Mode is where the instruments probe face is flushed with high purity argon gas to allow for the testing of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, boron and nitrogen in duplex stainless. Without the argon gas the light elements would be degraded in the ambient atmosphere.

Another key factor to analyzing carbon in the field is sample preparation. The metal surface must be prepared with an angle die grinder or a belt sander with a 100-60 grit disc. The reason for surface preparation before analysis is to remove surface contamination and create a surface that allows for a consistent light stream to the probe face.

Let Innovative Analytical Solutions educate you on carbon analysis in the field by sending us an email at sales@steelanalyzer.com

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