Cast Iron and Lab OES

Belec Vario lab oesCast iron foundries need an accurate laboratory/bench top OES instrument for accurately analyzing high levels of carbon but accurately analyzing low levels of Phosphorous and Sulfur. Also, other elements are important for creating the different chemistries for each grade. The Vario and IN-SPECT are excellent instruments for meeting the demanding needs of cast iron producers.

Cast Iron Grades
There are 5 common types of cast iron:
Gray Iron (ASTM A48) : 2.5-4.0C, 1.0-3.0Si, 0.2-1.0MN, 0.02-0.25S, 0.02-1.0P
Ductile (Nodular) Iron (ASTM A47): 3.0-4.0C, 1.8-2.8Si, 0.1-1.0MN, 0.01-0.03S, 0.01-0.1P
Compacted Graphite: 2.5-4.0C, 1.0-3.0Si, 0.2-1.0MN, 0.01-0.03S, 0.01-0.1P
Malleable (ASTM A47): 2.0-2.9C, 0.9-1.9Si, 0.15-1.2MN, 0.02-0.2S, 0.02-0.2P
White: 1.8-3.6C, 0.5-1.9Si, 0.25-0.8MN, 0.06-0.2, 0.06-0.2P

Lab OES Instruments
The Vario or IN-SPECT by Belec can be equipped with a Cast Iron base setting for separating different alloys from one another. However, chemistry my not be enough to separate cast iron grades. To delegate certain grade tensile strength testing is required.

Laboratory oes for metal analysisAIS 3000 Tensile Tester
Tensile strength testing is sometimes necessary to segregate cast irons. The AIS 3000 is a capable unit for testing castings in the metal laboratory or in the field. For example, grade ASTM A48 has 3 grades seep rated by tensile strength. Class 30 has a UTS of 30,000 psi and a brinell hardness of 187-241, class 35 is 35,000 and a brinell hardness of 207-255 and class 40 is 40,000 psi and a brinell hardness of 217-269.AISs 2100

Whether you are trying to analyze cast iron chemistry or certify tensile strength and brinell hardness Innovative Analytical Solutions can help you reach that goal. For more information on your unique application contact us today.

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