Aluminum Foundry Metal Testing

Aluminum foundries need a metal analysis instrument that won’t break the bank while producing excellent analysis results especially for Silicon, Magnesium and Copper. Handheld XRF instruments struggle with light element analysis and low levels of detection.

IN-SPECT Laboratory OES Analyzer

Laboratory oes for metal analysis

The IN-SPECT by Belec is a multibase instrument capable of accurately analyzing aluminum castings for chemical composition. Utilizing CCD (Charge-coupled device) for analyzing the light stream and argon flushing through the sample stand which provides an optimal environment for analyzing light elements.

Besides analyzing Aluminum the IN-SPECT can be upgraded to analyze other alloy bases including carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron alloys, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys and zinc alloys.

Vario Laboratory OES Analyzer

Belec Vario Lab OES

The Vario by Belec is one of the most robust instruments on the market. It utilizes a PMT (Photomultiplier Tube) optical system which is capable of detecting very low element concentration levels and accuracy.

Vario is the most versatile laboratory OES unit on the market today. Analyzing aluminum and  another alloy family but afraid of contaminating the sample stand? The Vario can be setup with two sample stand areas to avoid cross contamination.

What if you want the precise analysis results of a laboratory OES unit but you need the reach of a mobile unit to check a finished product? The Vario accepts a probe on the second sample stand allowing for excellent reach when need. Testing operators only need to get the piece in question close to the probe analysis.

Ready for the Lab OES demonstration?

At Innovative Analytical Solutions, we will work with you to understand your specific metal casting and analysis application. With each purchase we provide on site installation, user training and technical support.

Contact us today and schedule your demonstration as time slots are filling up fast!

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