Pipe, Valve and Flange Metal Testing 

You have a valve, pipe, fitting etc. and you’ve conducted PMI with handheld xrf but the customer wants to see Carbon or a full analytical chemistry. What do you do to get the results? Mobile OES or Laboratory OES is capable of providing the full analytical chemistry results you or your customer need.

Optical Emissions Spectrometry or OES for short, excites the surface of a metal object with an electrical current. The light emitted from the plasma stream goes through a fiber optic cable into “the optic” and the intensity with which each link strikes a detector is measured. The greater the intensity of light striking a detector indicates a greater concentration of an element.

Things To Consider:

1) Can you prepare the surface with a grinder and an aluminum oxide grinding disc for accurate analysis?

2) Is the test piece already installed or not? – Is the sample too large to take to the testing lab?

3) Which alloys are you testing for? Carbon steel, stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, or other?

4) Does the piece have a flat surface or not?

Depending on how the above questions are answered determined which instrument (Mobile OES or Laboratory OES), installed grade libraries and adapters/seals needed are need to analyze your valves.

For more information on metal analysis for valves, pipe fitting and gaskets contact us now and we will answer all of your questions.

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