Why Accurate Carbon Equivalent Info Is Important

Getting the correct carbon equivalent (CE) value is extremely important for determining welding techniques and pre/post heat treating practices. Utilizing the Belec Compact Port, a Mobile OES instrument will give inspection and welding staff with the information they need to do the job correctly.

Depending on the CE formula being used, the staff need an accurate analysis of alloying elements including light elements such as Carbon, Phosphorous and Sulfur. Without these elements and especially a known validated carbon value, inspectors will be guessing at the actual concentration levels. Once the inspector properly prepares the metal surface and analyzes the material in spark mode the CE calculation can begin. To save time, users can input their desired CE formula into the instrument as a pseudo element and allow the instrument to do the calculation. The empirical CE value will appear at the bottom of the elemental read out page once the testing is complete.

With the CE value in hand operators and welder a can now make an informed decision on welding tools and techniques. Gain the edge you need for field CE analysis by contacting us now.

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