Which metal analysis instrument do I need?

Choosing the right metal analyzer for your application is a daunting challenge for the first time buyer or season quality professional. At IAS we work with you to match the proper instrument for your application.

Laboratory/Benchtop OES

Belec Vario lab oesLaboratory and Benchtop units are stationary instruments. These non mobile units incorporate an argon purging and a vacuum pump to remove atmospheric air from the optic.

Laboratory oes for metal analysisThe benefit to laboratory/Benchtop units are their low levels of detection especially for Carbon, Phosphorous, Sulfur and Boron as well as the ability to certify results. The drawback is these units can’t be moved from area to area and the test samples must be taken to the instrument. The only instrument that combines laboratory oes with a mobile oes probe is the Belec Vario.

Mobile OES

Belec compact portMobile OES is similar to laboratory units in that argon can purge the sample area but without a vacuum pump. This makes the unit small and man portable. The Belec Compact Port is capable of analyzing multiple alloy bases with a UV probe, common spark probe or sort metal without UV element analysis (C,P,S).

These instruments are great for performing Positive Material Analysis (PMI) in the field, sorting out material mixes and conforming to industry standards and specifications. Mobile OES has become popular for many API applications including API RP 578, 939C, 5L grade separation, CE analysis and creating records for unknown material.

Handheld XRF

Handheld XRF units are great for quick grade identification and sorting out alloy families. These instruments excel at sorting heavy metals including Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum. However, the main drawback is the lack of alloy separation such as 4140 vs 4150 and the lack of UV element analysis (C,N,B).

We hope you’ve learned more about metal analysis and we’d be glad to discuss your metal analysis needs today.

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