Arc Met 8000 out of production

Belec_550_Variante_02_ac7f508639The Arc Met 8000 was the preferred Mobile OES instrument for the petro-chemical industry for over a decade. These units are still in operation with primarily inspection/nondestructive testing (NDT) companies. However, the Arc Met 8000 ceased production in June 2012. Now parts and knowledgeable service/support are becoming scarce.

The Belec Compact Port is a comparable replacement to the highly accurate Arc Met 8000 systems. The Belec Compact Port is the world’s only mobile Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) system making it the most precise and accurate instrument in production today. Its 30 years of design enhancements allows for reliable and durable field analysis, but also integrates a helpful user interface along with simplicity in setting up the instrument for metal testing.

If you are considering a replacement to the Arc Met system, please contact us for more technical information.

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